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    Bottle size for Tig ?

    Not to be sarcastic or anything, but many farmers where I grew up were pretty good welders. Many of us (me included) would work construction during the winter months for some extra income and some of us were certified pressure piping welders in stick and TIG welding. I practiced the same...
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    Aluminum Jon Repair

    Are you still using a spool gun? Those welds look like TIG welds
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    Harbor Freight Email 20% coupon, thru 10-17-2021

    I saw the same thing and really thought about replacing my HF Titanium 125 that just quit working. With my 20% discount it would be $169 before tax. But common sense finally prevailed. I havent uses my OmniPro 220 in months now so, why do I need two welders. I did like the 125 for its 11#...
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    Spec wise, there is no difference in the machines. I would just weld with both and choose the one with the smoothest wire feed / best looking weld. Both brands are good. You might also consider which one has the closest dealer support for parts.
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    Welding helmet

    ou will pay more at a LWS but they will maybe let you try on what they have. Likely though, all they will have is premium brands like Miller and Hobart which will likely be in the $400 range. You can get a good helmet in auto-dark for around 25% of that cost if you shop on line.
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    Well I went and pulled the trigger

    Well they got you hooked now. I personally wouldnt buy a welder that requires proprietary components but I guess you are stuck with it now.
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    Cleaning up some mushrooms

    I think you got to the bottom of the problem. One thing you can do to help relieve that problem is to use a brazing rod and cap the tops of tools that get hammered on with a thick layer of brass to soften the blows so the heads dont mushroom or break. I have a center punch made from a piece...
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    1.25" to 2" hitch adapter

    A cleaner design would have been to just remove the 1.25 bar and weld it directly to the 2" receiver hitch. It would have used up a couple of cutoff wheels getting the plate weld removed, but then it would be much lighter. You could then install the 1.25 in the receiver, for measurement, tack...
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    made a tailgate hitch step for my truck

    That is a good idea for someone who climbs in their truck bed all the time, but I can count the times I have been in my bed on one hand. My hauling in the bed is done on the back 2' (gas cans and occasionally a flat tire and compressed gas bottles). I really only need my truck for towing my...
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    Tools making tools...

    Actually they were shipped strapped on top of each other and looked pretty good but the side walls were just too soft to stand out like they should. My TLB tires were/are so stiff walled that they dont even flex when they have no air in them unless I fill the FEL with dirt or something. They...
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    made a tailgate hitch step for my truck

    Looks like a real knee knocker. I suspect I would forget having it in place and ram my leg into right off the bat. I can sure see how that would be nice for getting in the bed. I think I would also need a hand rail to hold onto.
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    Conversation spam

    Thanks, I tried everything looking for a way to delete.
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    Copper jaw liners in Vise

    You can actually buy soft jaws for vises, just order by jaw width. They have "fingers" on each side to bend around the back of the jaw to hold them in place. They can be had with copper or brass base metal.
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    Tools making tools...

    A strap works fine on my lawnmower tires and I use it all the time, in fact, no other way to make it seat. But this big ATV tire from my Kubota RTV900 just didnt want to seat.
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    Tools making tools...

    Did that, one first then put two and sprayed with starting fluid. Didnt work. Even after stretching the sidewalls out overnite, nothing worked. The first one I tried after overnite stretching, spraying with a generous dosing of starting fluid with the air hose blowing it, got a good pop and...