TIG welder - Information on a Linde DAL300HFGW


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I recently purchased a old Linde DAL300HFGW welder so I can learn to TIG weld my aluminium irrigation pipe on the farm. The unit is similar to the old P&H welders from the sixties. This unit was made under licence in Toronto for Linde. It was used in a fabrication shop for TIG welding by the previous owner. His wife sold it to me after her husband tragically passed away.

I have never TIG welded before, I have to learn how to turn the unit on and set it up. No documentation was provided with purchase so if anybody has any manuals or circuit diagrams for this model to refer to, I plan to remove the cover and go through it before wiring it in and testing it, I do have a 125amp breaker for my Horbart TR300 that I can swap over. Any background on the unit and how to set it up will be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

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Gary Fowler

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Your breaker should be sized to the smallest wire in the circuit. Check the wire sizes and use a breaker that will trip before the wiring overloads. These old welders have either a button to push or a switch (like a light switch but heavier) to throw. I seem to recall that some of the very old machines didnt have a circuit switch on the machine and you had to put a disconnect box at the machine to turn it on and off.