MECO Aviator Jet - anyone have one?


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near Pittsburgh
Oxy-Acetylene Aircraft Smiths Victor, Stick Miller Thunderbolt w/Rectifier box, MIG Power MIG, TIG KEMPPI
I'd like to have this system, is supposed to be a really fine aircraft torch.

I have the Smiths and it shames the Victor J27. I don't know how it would compare to a Henrob.

When in high school, had this old German god-level o-a welder (was a B25 pilot in WWII) and he had this torch that had no o-rings resulting is a great path for heat conduction from tip to handle, and a hex-nest where the tip went into the handle. This torch was wicked stable when running low pressures in laminar flow. He would set up the torch by opening the valve and then adjusting the regulator to the flow he wanted. We're talking low flows and pressures!!!!

I remember one day we were trying to determine who made it, but he had been using it since after the war and had rubbed off all the markings from the handle. When he passed, I tried to see if they would sell his rig but that never happened. I actually found one that fit this description on eBay, bot it, but it is not the same torch - it's an aircraft style, but much longer and heavier than his.

One tip from him: Always turn off the fuel first so you get a little pop which cleans out the tip.