Harbor Freight Email 20% coupon, thru 10-17-2021


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Sonoma County
I just got this email. 20% off in several categories including welders. This weekend only, but I've seen HF extend a few more days.

After HF's recent price increase this brings the Titanium 125 back down to the prior non-sale price, $179.

I was tempted but I don't really need another welder. Dragging around the 50 lb HF Mig-180 does what I need. More portability would be nice, but not worth paying for.

Gary Fowler

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I saw the same thing and really thought about replacing my HF Titanium 125 that just quit working. With my 20% discount it would be $169 before tax. But common sense finally prevailed. I havent uses my OmniPro 220 in months now so, why do I need two welders. I did like the 125 for its 11# weight and it really welded FCAW well. Now my OmniPro 220 will SMAW, FCAW, MIG and TIG plus I have a spool gun for welding aluminum. As long as it works, I have everything covered and I still have my Miller 220V 250 amp stick machine for backup.
It was sure tempting to get the 125 though.