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    Bottle size for Tig ?

    Just wanted to say I did get the Yes welder up and running this week. Some practicing and a handful of YouTube videos have been reviewed has been the last few days Main topic. It’s a dc only machine so no aluminum. Currently practicing with 1/8” wall rectangle tube 1x3 Argon Gas at 15cfm Amps...
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    Bottle size for Tig ?

    Well, I got my tungsten and filler rods in the mail. I have the standard regulator on my Mig and little oxygen acetylene setup but this Tig welder calls for a flow meter. I’m off to find one of those as I remember that is supposed to be better than a regulator anyway for mig.
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    What are you doing today?

    We went last year (2019) to see a musical Rockettes Christmas per our daughter’s invitation. Train ride down and back. First ever experience for me. Enjoyed it with my 6 yr old granddaughter. I’ve been a couple of times but I also didn’t lose anything there that I need to go back and get.
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    Bottle size for Tig ?

    Thanks for the tip on being able to use pure argon. I had thought I had read that somewhere but couldn’t find it again. I’ll order some purple electrodes also per your recommendation.
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    Bottle size for Tig ?

    I picked up a small inverter Yes Welder a few months ago in trade that does Tig and stick. It’s the Tig-205DS. What size bottle do you guys recommend to get with it? I have 2 bottles of 40 cf of C25 and a smaller 20cf bottle of pure argon for my spoolgun with aluminum. But internet says I need...
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    What are you doing today?

    I managed to weld one of my wife’s little cart’s caster wheels back in place. It has the nut inserts in 1” tubing and the inserts get pulled out. This is the second wheel I’ve did on it. Felt good to get the mig out for a few minutes. Been cleaning and reorganizing the 2nd floor of my shop the...
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    Harbor Freight MIG/ FCAW wire

    Good idea to try. I have a tip that I traded out on my Hypertherm plasma cutter that is pitted and the pilot arc won’t start with it. Things are so expensive, you have to get what you can out of them. Back to the thread. I run a wood stove that keeps humidity down. I think I’ll move my extra...
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    Welded up log splitter.

    I drug home a wood splitter with a bent tongue and the pivot hinge and jack ripped loose. Guy said he had loaned it to an in law. Spent an enjoyable afternoon out in the shop with radio and wood stove cutting the bad pieces out with my Hypertherm air 30 and cordless grinders. Then welding in...
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    How the heck can I see the puddle?

    I had to mig some duct work together ( kinda like inside of a pipe) last night and was catching hell from the shop light above and behind me no matter which way I adjusted everything. I took a towel and draped it over my helmet and head/neck and it made a difference I would never have believed...
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    how fast can you move?

    I have found the walk the plank 5 gallon bucket mouse trap baited with peanut butter to be better than anything so far.
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    Basement door into basement project.

    Looking for input. I am building a porch in my place and want to incorporate a door over my steps going down to basement underneath the floor. The old cover is made of 2x 10s, 3/4 plywood, tarpaper, and shingles. It is a heavy monster to open. I’d like to do something like this. But homemade...
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    Millermatic 200 vs Hobart handler mvp210

    I’ll have a few me year old Hobart MVP210 that has been flawless. I’ve been offered a Miller matic 200 without the tig torch or pedal for 1200. It has been taken care of and home hobbyist kind of use. Is this a decent upgrade from my Hobart and selling my welder? I have sold both my stick...
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    Ground lead connection

    I had to make a couple of wall brackets for a mini split installation yesterday. Drug out the Hobart MVP210 and Hypertherm PowerMax 30 and Speedglas helmet. All on a cheap harbor freight cart. Going to be a quick job so out on edge of concrete floor of garage by the door. It had been a month...
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    Miller Diversion 180 reviews?

    I’ll look at that. I already have a small bottle of straight argon with my Hobart MVP210 mig for aluminum. I also have a hypertherm air30 plasma cutter. I want to keep the capability to use 110 but still have a quality machine is my end goal.
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    Miller Diversion 180 reviews?

    Thanks for the tip. I’m on the way to the website.
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    Miller Diversion 180 reviews?

    I’d like to learn to Tig weld. I’ve found a Diversion 180 with everything that appears to have been taken care of for 1500. It appears to be a good deal and most reviews show it to be a good model. You guys think it’s probably worth the asking price if it works as intended? Thanks, Lenny
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    Nasty root ripper

    That thing looks like it would work to trench in single lines like water or conduit pretty good.
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    Grinder Stand

    Ahhh.... crank it down, sit on a bucket (or stool) for those tedious jobs that take a while. Great idea!
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    Any Hobart Welder Owners?

    MVP210 here. Flawless operation. I have the spoolgun 100 attachment with some argon and did some aluminum sheet for the first time and it turned out really good. (Not good enough to show you guys pics though). Gotta be quick on laying those beads though! No slow and steady wins the race there...
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    New to Hobart.

    1/2 inch stick out. I usually use welding pliers and cut the wire off with pliers across the nozzle. With the cutters away from nozzle. Gas shielding It’s easy to lose the gas protection unless in a protected area from drafts/ breeze. Possibly turn flow up a little at regulator. Try some .035...
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    welding cart

    Looks great. Good job. I put larger wheels on my tombstone 20 years ago. last 5 years or so,it sets on a small size harbor freight movers dolly permanently. Turned out to be a perfect fit!
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    What Are Your Must-Have Welding Tools?

    I use my cordless bandsaw from Milwaukee a lot for cuts. I have a hypertherm plasma cutter but usually use the portaband (it’s the deep model) Ditto on the angle grinders set up for individual uses. I have corded and cordless accumulated through the years. 5 maybe. i want a cutoff saw but never...
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    Hello from Bennington Vermont USA. You are right about price of metals! I go to the local welding shops and buy cutoffs and what is called “drops”. From their scrap bins. It is sold by the pound and cheaper.Almost all my projects are designed around what materials I have or can get this way. A...