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    how fast can you move?

    I was doing my morning business on the pot when suddenly something started scratching my privates. Back had been bothering me for several days but man I came off the pot so fast that I didnt even feel any back pain. After I got up, a rather large mouse jumped out of the commode and just sat...
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    New MIG machine

    After much perusing, I finally took the plunge. I decided to go with another Titanium machine from Harbor Freight, basically because I like the Titanium 125 flux welder so much. I went with the MIG 170 because it can be retrofitted with a spool gun for aluminum if I ever decide I want to try...
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    Scams on HF welders?

    Just came across two "companies" that are supposedly selling Titanium 170 Mig machines (HF). One (INFINE) is listing one for $98 the other one OBOLDO same thing. I know that has got to be a scam of some type since this machine list for over $500 at Harbor Freight and similar machines of off...
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    Posts have fallen off lately

    Looks like folks have run out of subject matter to discuss. Little to Nothing new in many days now. As for myself, I have been busy buying stuff like welding rods, clamps, sanding discs, refilled my Acetylene tank and new whip hose for my cutting torch. I made a Habor Freight walk thru and...
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    Harbor Freight MIG/ FCAW wire

    I was at Harbor Freight this afternoon and I noticed that they didnt have any Chicago Electric wire only Vulcan wire. Looks like they are shifting to a higher quality wire. The Vulcan wire was $7.99 for a 2 # roll of 71T -GS which is the only FCAW wire that they had. That is half what I paid...
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    Welded up a test with my Titanium 125 FCAW machine

    I had some 1/4" rusty old piece of plate laying around so I cut it into 2 pieces with my plasma cutter and ground a quick bevel then welded it up with the Titanium 125. I ran a down hill root pass then filled it and capped it uphill. #48 is the back side of the open butt root pass which was ran...
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    Use for new TIG machine

    Today the exhaust for my Kubota RTV900 completely broke off right at the flange onto the exhaust manifold. Tomorrow I will look at it and see I need to TIG weld it or use my FCAW machine . If I need to TIG it, I have to go buy a bottle of argon. I will post results later and possibly post...