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    Groomer skid pan

    As soon as the new piece comes I am gonna torch this worn out skid pan off. I need to find some pics of one I reman a couple years ago and paint all up like the color of one of those stickley green apples
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    tig gas

    I am having a brain seizure, what gas is the gang using on stainless?
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    Had a stripped out forged piece.
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    I saw another trailer frame job on here, this we did way time ago. Fenders were a little problematic.
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    Wiring welders

    There needs to be a continuous thread on this. A lot of misunderstanding. This is a start. Seems to be confusion on cord sizing. Basically all 240V machines come cord and plug come 6-50. They need to be designed to be able to safely plug in to a common 50A welder circuit. The 240 only...