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  1. CA_Bgrwldr

    20' ATV/UTV Trailer

    I originally picked up the frame and about 80' of 3"x2" angle iron f\or free about 8yrs ago with plans to turn it into a car hauler for project vehicles, however, when I looked into to wider axles for it, I was told that the 4" C channel frame rails were under the minimum recommended height of...
  2. CA_Bgrwldr

    Quick addition to my welding cart.

    Just got my Thermal Dynamics 40 plasma cutter delivered Friday, and since I built my current cart to hold my Hobart equipment, it wouldn't fit in either of the two smaller Hobart bays, fortunately there was room for it above my 210. Bent up some scrap EMT to hold the new cutter and used woven...
  3. CA_Bgrwldr

    .030 tips for Harbor Freight mig owners.

    Have 8 new ones, Item #95645 by Chicago Electric, Anyone want them?
  4. CA_Bgrwldr

    Lincoln Tomahawk 375 Plasma cutter

    Any experience? I have a Hobart AirForce 12 plasma cutter, but would like something a little more suited for cutting thicker material, and like that it works for expanded steel as well. I would just go with a larger Hobart, but neither the 27 or 40 have an internal compressor, which means I...
  5. CA_Bgrwldr

    Shop art(eyesore?) project.

    This month's contest gave me a good reason to finally getting around to building a stand for the electric post drill press my great grandfather made sometime in the late 1920’s or in the 1930's. I found it in the basement of my Father's house after he passed, but never seen it growing up, nor...
  6. CA_Bgrwldr

    Custom Built ATV/UTV Trailer

    Not this year, but this ATV/UTV trailer was last Fall's project..