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    Boom Pole/Bale Spear/Trailer Mover

    I made this several years ago from some scrap 4X4X1/4” square tubing. It’s pretty handy. Sorry the pics are sideways - maybe a moderator can fix them - my phone I were not able to. The bale spear is removable. Just take the boom pole off, insert the spear, and attach the top link to move bales...
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    Scary find

    I picked this piece of 3” channel up off the road today. I’d say it’s probably a trailer crossmember. Notice that there is a bead on the face of the channel, but hardly any penetration. Elmer’s would probably do as well. Lucky it didn’t bounce and go through a windshield! The other end also has...
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    New Tig Welder

    I just ordered a Lincoln Squarewave 200 today. It should be here early next week. I’m kind of like a kid waiting on a new toy...
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    DIY swimming pool railing

    Technically, this is from 2019, but isn't a year old, yet. Swimming pools come with wobbly ladders and I was afraid someone would get hurt. The railing is 1" square tubing. With the paint, it looks aluminum, but it's not. All bolts and screws are stainless steel.