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    Made a little bit with my MIG welder

    A guy came by my shop with a broken potato plow (best discription)/ It was an 8" x 1" thick flat bar with a broken foot that was about 2"x1" thick. I beveled it and put a full pen weld on it using my MIG with .030 wire. I then put two stiffeners on each side of the 2" wide bar. The owner...
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    Winter weather anyone?

    Today started out at 6 am with 19F temps and stayed there so far but temps are supposed to start dropping tonight. So far we only had a little bit of sleet and a brief light snowing that lasted about 5 minutes. Got the weather channel on and lots of folks are doing a lot worse. I suspect...
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    Welding shop

    My welding shop has been open for over 6 months. So far I have had 2 customers for $10 each. So far the over $2K in wire feeder, TIG, , Aluminum spool gun, oxy/fuel cutting and plasma cutting, I have only needed my Miller AC/DC stick welding machine for "business". Admittedly, I have not...
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    Got a new project

    Just need it to warm up a bit first. My friend wants a hitch installed on his box blade. We have a couple of options: weld on a receiver hitch or just weld on a non-removable hitch. I think the non-removable hitch would work just as well as the receiver hitch and not require a pin that...
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    Merry Christmas

    Hope everyone is enjoying this day to it's fullest. My Christmas wish is that next year will see the end of this pandemic. I think we will have a rough 6 months but hopefully the last part of the year will see us pulling thru. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
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    Titanium 125 -results of open butt root and fill

    I think I finally have some photos of my test weld that I did with the Titanium 125. First photo is the back side of the root and second is the front. It came out pretty good considering the small amount of prep that I did, the first time I used the machine AND the first time I have welded...
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    Harbor Freight Vulcan OmniPro 220 stick rod review

    I have had this machine for a couple months or more but just got around to checking out the stick rod function. It does have a setting for 6010 and one for 7018 so I first tried it with 6010. I set it up for 1/8 and1/4" plate which is what I was welding on. I struck an arc and immediately...
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    Harbor Freight Vulcan 220 Pro

    Well guys this is what I ended up with. I hope not to ever have to buy anything else. This machine has built in programs to set everything up depending on the thickness and wire size. Just select the wire size push the master and then select the thickness and push the master switch. You can...
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    Took my Titanium 170 MIG back

    It developed erratic wire feed. It would hesitate before starting and burn the wire right back to the tip before starting to feed then when the trigger was released it would continue feeding at least 8" of wire before it stopped. I swapped it for a Vulcan 140 MIG and didnt realize that it was...
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    My latest project involved just a bit of welding type work

    I just finished putting a new 5000# Harbor Freight Badlands winch on my Kubota RTV. The only welding was tacking a backing nut to the mount. IT took me and a friend all morning and part of the afternoon to get it on. The power cables were just barely long enough and caused us to reroute a...
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    Need to build something, but what?

    I have a bunch of 2" pipe that I could use to build something, but what can I build that will be useful around the farm.
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    New plasma cutter going back for warranty work

    My Everlast SuperUltra 206 SI just stopped working. It worked fine a week or so ago and then when I hooked it up yesterday, nothing. Well almost nothing. Got a very weak arc the after 2 seconds an error code E-05 and then arc dropped to almost invisible. Well what can you expect from a $700...
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    how fast can you move?

    I was doing my morning business on the pot when suddenly something started scratching my privates. Back had been bothering me for several days but man I came off the pot so fast that I didnt even feel any back pain. After I got up, a rather large mouse jumped out of the commode and just sat...
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    New MIG machine

    After much perusing, I finally took the plunge. I decided to go with another Titanium machine from Harbor Freight, basically because I like the Titanium 125 flux welder so much. I went with the MIG 170 because it can be retrofitted with a spool gun for aluminum if I ever decide I want to try...
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    Scams on HF welders?

    Just came across two "companies" that are supposedly selling Titanium 170 Mig machines (HF). One (INFINE) is listing one for $98 the other one OBOLDO same thing. I know that has got to be a scam of some type since this machine list for over $500 at Harbor Freight and similar machines of off...
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    Posts have fallen off lately

    Looks like folks have run out of subject matter to discuss. Little to Nothing new in many days now. As for myself, I have been busy buying stuff like welding rods, clamps, sanding discs, refilled my Acetylene tank and new whip hose for my cutting torch. I made a Habor Freight walk thru and...
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    Harbor Freight MIG/ FCAW wire

    I was at Harbor Freight this afternoon and I noticed that they didnt have any Chicago Electric wire only Vulcan wire. Looks like they are shifting to a higher quality wire. The Vulcan wire was $7.99 for a 2 # roll of 71T -GS which is the only FCAW wire that they had. That is half what I paid...
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    Welded up a test with my Titanium 125 FCAW machine

    I had some 1/4" rusty old piece of plate laying around so I cut it into 2 pieces with my plasma cutter and ground a quick bevel then welded it up with the Titanium 125. I ran a down hill root pass then filled it and capped it uphill. #48 is the back side of the open butt root pass which was ran...
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    Use for new TIG machine

    Today the exhaust for my Kubota RTV900 completely broke off right at the flange onto the exhaust manifold. Tomorrow I will look at it and see I need to TIG weld it or use my FCAW machine . If I need to TIG it, I have to go buy a bottle of argon. I will post results later and possibly post...