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    Should I buy this deal?

    Wow, I did not know they lost that much value. I’m needing a new mig and the ability to do aluminum, I thought this might be better buying all new.
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    Should I buy this deal?

    I found a used(est 2010) Lincoln MP350. He has a spool gun and tig stuff(I don’t know anything about tig), extra wire, 2 bottles, and constables. He also has a Miller 625 plasma cutter. He’s asking $4500 for everything. Is that a good price? Any reviews/info on the 350mp? I’m needing a new mig...
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    Lincoln 260 questions

    I'm looking at getting power mig 260 for use in my shop I'm building and around the farm. Can I run a 25' lead on it or is 15' max? I do plan to add a spool gun for aluminum at some point this year for one of my projects. Any reviews on the 260?