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    Bottle size for Tig ?

    I picked up a small inverter Yes Welder a few months ago in trade that does Tig and stick. It’s the Tig-205DS. What size bottle do you guys recommend to get with it? I have 2 bottles of 40 cf of C25 and a smaller 20cf bottle of pure argon for my spoolgun with aluminum. But internet says I need...
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    Welded up log splitter.

    I drug home a wood splitter with a bent tongue and the pivot hinge and jack ripped loose. Guy said he had loaned it to an in law. Spent an enjoyable afternoon out in the shop with radio and wood stove cutting the bad pieces out with my Hypertherm air 30 and cordless grinders. Then welding in...
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    Basement door into basement project.

    Looking for input. I am building a porch in my place and want to incorporate a door over my steps going down to basement underneath the floor. The old cover is made of 2x 10s, 3/4 plywood, tarpaper, and shingles. It is a heavy monster to open. I’d like to do something like this. But homemade...
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    Millermatic 200 vs Hobart handler mvp210

    I’ll have a few me year old Hobart MVP210 that has been flawless. I’ve been offered a Miller matic 200 without the tig torch or pedal for 1200. It has been taken care of and home hobbyist kind of use. Is this a decent upgrade from my Hobart and selling my welder? I have sold both my stick...
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    Ground lead connection

    I had to make a couple of wall brackets for a mini split installation yesterday. Drug out the Hobart MVP210 and Hypertherm PowerMax 30 and Speedglas helmet. All on a cheap harbor freight cart. Going to be a quick job so out on edge of concrete floor of garage by the door. It had been a month...
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    Miller Diversion 180 reviews?

    I’d like to learn to Tig weld. I’ve found a Diversion 180 with everything that appears to have been taken care of for 1500. It appears to be a good deal and most reviews show it to be a good model. You guys think it’s probably worth the asking price if it works as intended? Thanks, Lenny